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Hospital Car Donation Ontario

Giving away cars could be helpful, you can donate yours today to charity. Call 613-800- 6906 to check in with us, we provide tax receipts as well as same day pickup that too is absolutely free.

Have you been worried about getting rid of your car? Well now you can and in top of that it is all for a good cause. Give us a call at 613-800- 6906 to talk to our customer representative who will guide you with the process, step by step. We will inform you about the pickup date as well as the type of tax receipt that you’ll be receiving.

Our local partners mainly consist of the hospitals in Ontario and they benefit from Car Recycling. This entire thing works on recycling and processing the cars that you donate to us. We handle everything according to the safety protocol and then give the proceeds to our partner hospitals in Ontario. This way they are of a help to the community without working too hard to gather cars.

Top Ten Reason to Donate Your Car to Ontario Hospital Car Donation

1. You are contributing to the local hospital by donating your junk car. A car that has been lying around in your garage is useless for you; however it can be an asset for someone in need.

2. We are super-fast and ready to get going. Just give us a call to find out the estimated time.

3. We handle everything! From picking up the car, to car recycling, donating and giving you your tax receipt.

4. Yes you heard that right you will receive tax receipt for car. Technically it is a win for everyone, you get to dispose off your junk, donate the car to a hospital and receive a tax receipt in return that you would have in case you sold it.

5. Car disposal has never been easier. We pick up the car from the provided address and take it away for free.

6. We are professionals, it doesn’t matter which situation your car may be stuck in, we have a solution for everything. Just tell us know when you call us and we will make arrangements whether it’s in a ditch or elsewhere.

7. We have license, insurance and the right type of training for recycling the car for the local Ontario hospital’s benefit.

8. Weather conditions don’t scare us, so whether its snow, hail or rain we will be there.

9. Our staff is a joy to work with since we are helping the local community we take pride in doing so with a smile on our faces.

10. We know what we are doing. We have been auto recyclers in Ontario for over 8 years now. Whether it’s scrap my car or junk car recycling, we are all in for charity.

About Us

Our founders established Ontario Hospital Cars so we could give back to the local community and create a situation that everyone can benefit from. The hospitals in the Ontario area need money now more than ever to improve their progressive impact. Junk cars in Ontario are in abundance, they have taken up extra space and are affecting the environment in a wrong way so they need to be removed. We take proud in being a helping hand in removing the cars, recycling them and giving the proceeds to community.


How do I donate my vehicle?


Step 1: Request Quote - call us on 613-800- 6906 or visit our website. You can fill the form directly from there and specify the kind of vehicle that you are looking to donate.


Step 2: Receive Quote – we will the estimate your car’s worth and tell you how much you will be donating to the hospital as well as the estimated tax receipt.


Step 3: Arrange Pick-up or Drop-off – later we will discuss possible pick up timing or if it’s convenient, you can drop off the vehicle at one of our Ontario locations.


Step 4: FEEL GOOD – you will be receiving your tax receipt in the coming 4 to 6 weeks. You can sit back until then and feel good that you’ve scrapped off the car, given donation and receive a tax receipt.

You can read more about how it works here.

What kind of vehicle can I donate?

Anything that has wheels works for us. Whether your car is in an excellent condition or doesn’t even start. Even if it’s missing parts, we are still ready to take it. However a better car will obviously have better value hence a bigger tax receipt.  Everything has a value so we would suggest that you either give us a call or visit our website.

Will you pick-up my vehicle for free?

Yes! As long as you are in Ontario or nearby, we will pick up and tow your car. We are always excited about junk car removal, however if you wish to drop it off yourself you can at any of our locations.

Will you pick-up multiple vehicles?

Of course we will! Multiple cars mean that your donation amount will be bigger. So we will be more than happy to drive to you for a pick up.

Where will you pick up my vehicle?

We are ready for a pick up 24/7 from anywhere, whether it’s in a parking lot, your garage, ditch or underground as long as it is in Ontario or nearby. If we can access the place, then extraction won’t be an issue for us because all of our workers are highly trained.

When will you pick up my vehicle?

Well most of the times we were able to pick up vehicles the same day, however we want the process to be stress free. So, we can schedule a time and date that suits you and then come for a pick up. We want to be quick so we can pick up, recycle car and give the proceeds to the hospital.

How much will my tax receipt be for?

You will receive a minimum $300 tax receipt for any car donation!

Beyond that, the tax receipt that you receive will vary because of a number of factors, these include the recycling and scrapping cost according to the raw material pricing at the current time. All this depends on the condition of your car. So basically we want the hospital to have big donations which is why we want the best for both parties. You can contact us through our phone number or visit our website, we’d be happy to give you an estimate. But, it's always a minimum of $300 😀

When will I receive my tax receipt?

he tax receipt usually takes 4 to 6 weeks after pick up to reach to you. It arrives in mail.

face provides a great funding source to several hospitals in the Ottawa area.  Truly a great way to recycle any car you no longer need.

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