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Hospital Car Donation in Winchester, Ontario

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Donate your car to the WDMH Foundation, receive an official income tax receipt, and support local health care at the same time. has partnered with the WDMH Foundation to help the hospital raise much-needed funds from the recycling of your automobile. Our local car disposal staff will securely recycle and process your junk car and then donate the cash proceeds to the WMDH Foundation. The result: a better community for us all.

Not to mention, you no longer have to be concerned with that old car in your garage! If you would like to donate your automobile to the WDMH Foundation, please call 613-706-0482 for same day pick-up of your vehicle.

Top Ten Advantages of the WMDH Foundation Car Donation Program

1. You’re helping WDMH! That vehicle that is just laying around has value that can make a true difference to someone in need.

2. We’re QUICK! Call us and find out how fast we can come get your car out of the way.

3. We handle the whole process from pick-up, to recycling to donating, to ensuring you get a tax receipt.

4. That’s right, you get a TAX RECEIPT! It’s a win-win situation because you get to make a donation to a hospital that needs it and you.

5. FREE towing! Yep, you read that correctly. We will come pick-up your car and tow it away for free.

6. We have the tools to safely remove your car from any situation. Whether it’s stuck in a ditch, missing part, or in any other unique situation - just let us know on the phone and we’ll make the arrangements to handle it!

7. We are fully insured, licensed, trained, and certified to pick and tow your vehicle and safely recycle it for the benefit of WDMH and its patients.

8. Rain, hail, snow - doesn’t matter, we’ll pick up your vehicle in any weather!

9. Our staff is all smiles! We love what we do, especially since we are helping our local community. We are all a joy to work with.

10. We’re experts in car donations! Our scrap car team has been buying, scrapping and recycling old and junk cars in the Ottawa area for over eight years and know every detail of how to safely scrap your car and get the most benefit for charity.

About helps hospitals in local communities with the funds from recycling old cars. Everyone wins with our system, especially the hospitals. Our hospitals require more funding to keep doing what they do. Junk cars could be harmful to the environment, or just be hoarding space; they warrant recycling. We get rid of the cars and give  money directly to the hospital. Our work assists the community in several aspects, and this is something we pride ourselves on!


What steps do I need to take to donate my automobile?

  1. Request a quote - complete the online form on our site or call 613-706-0482 to inform us about the car you wish to donate.
  2. Obtain a quote - we’ll advise you of the value of your vehicle with regards to a hospital car donation and predict the figure on the tax receipt you’ll be granted.
  3. Coordinate drop-off or pick-up - whenever is convenient for you. Your car can be dropped off at one of our locations in Ottawa, or we can pick it up when you’re ready.
  4. Be proud! - you’ve done something wonderful: purged your scrap car, created more room on your property, bettered the environment, and assisted a local hospital! Best of all, you’ll get a tax receipt in the mail about 4 to 6 weeks later.

What type of car can I donate?

Just about anything with wheels on it, no matter the condition. Of course, an automobile in optimal condition will be worth more, donation-wise, but even poor-condition vehicles without all its parts will be worth something. Simply call us or fill out our online form with the information and we’ll get back to you almost everything that has wheels, whether it’s in great or horrible condition. Of course, the better condition the vehicle is in, the more value it will have for a donation, but even a broken down vehicle with missing parts has value. The best bet is to fill out our form or give us a call with the details and we will let you know.

Is there any charge for automobile pick-up?

No! Our towing and pick-up service is complimentary as long as your vehicle is in the Ottawa area. If you wish to drop off the automobile, you’re welcome to. You’ll get an even larger donation by dropping your vehicle off at one of our locations.

Can multiple cars be picked up?

Of course! We will be more than happy to pick up more than one car, since multiple automobiles = bigger donations for the medical center.

Where can my car be picked up from?

As long as the car is situated in Ottawa or surrounding area, we can pick it up, whether it’s parked in your driveway, yard, parking lot, or roadside. If we can get to it, we have the utilities to take your car away and have it towed to the scrapyard. For more information, contact us!

When will the car be picked up?

Sometimes your vehicle can be picked up on the very day you call us. However, we will coordinate a specific time with you. We want to simplify the process, speed it up, and make it as safe as possible.

What is the value of the tax receipt I will get?

Every vehicle donation will get a minimum $300 tax receipt.

Beyond the $300, the value of your tax receipt and car donation is contingent on multiple aspects. Costs for recycling and scrapping cars is based on the existing demand for raw materials nationally. It is also determined by the kind of car it is, if it is missing parts, or if it is fully intact. Get in touch with us for more details about your potential tax receipt.

When will my tax receipt arrive?

It takes about 4-6 weeks for your tax receipt in the mail after we’ve picked up your car.

face provides a great funding source to several hospitals in the Ottawa area.  Truly a great way to recycle any car you no longer need.

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