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Getting a free quote from Hospital Cars will be the easiest thing you check off your to-do list today. It will take about as long as it takes you to finish reading our explanation of the process. To get an immediate free quote, simply call us and ask to speak with a customer representative. Otherwise, fill out our online form and submit a request. Once the request is submitted you can expect to receive an e-mail with a free quote within a few days.

It really doesn’t matter what condition your car is in: rusted, not drivable, missing parts, and so on. As long as you are willing to donate it, we are willing to accept it. Even if you haven’t entirely made the decision to part with your car yet, getting a free quote is completely commitment-free. You won’t be expected to donate the car or pressured into it. So, what are you waiting for?

If you have any questions about the process of donating your car or if you would like to get your free quote right away, contact us at 613.800.6906. There’s no need to send your old vehicle to a junkyard when you could donate it and get tax credits instead. If you are happy with the quote you received, the rest of the process will be just as easy. Keep reading for a brief explanation of how it works.

First, decide on the hospital that you would love to donate your car to. If the specific hospital doesn’t matter, simply go for the one that is located nearest to you. After getting a quote for free, arrange a time for your junk car to either be picked up of dropped off. Once your car is successfully donated it will take about two months to receive the tax credit in the mail. You can take the time to decide what to do with all of the new space in your garage or driveway!

No so bad, right? It’s easy to feel like getting something for free is “too good to be true”. Hospital Cars is an exception to the rule. We want to make our donation process as easy as possible so that more people can donate. That is our main objective. The more donations we receive, the more it helps the hospital. There is no time like the present to simultaneously handle an overdue task and help the community all at the same time.

As for the tax credit, you can receive up to $250. This is more than most companies would be willing to pay for any scrap car. It only requires a little bit of patience while waiting for the cheques to come in the mail (hey, don’t blame us for that one!). If you don’t consider yourself to be a very patient person, then maybe that is more reason to call today. Why wait any longer to set the wheels in motion – no pun intended 🙂

testimonial headshot of julie provides a great funding source to several hospitals in the Ottawa area. Truly a great way to recycle any car you no longer need.

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